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12th International InfoSec and Data Storage Conference  

"Necessary changes to the security and storage of the new information environment" 

 September 26, 2013, Sheraton Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria


Organizer: ICT Media; ISACA-Sofia Chapter

With the partnership of:
Ministry of transport, information technology and communications
Ministry of Defence

State Agency for National Security

With the special partnership of:
ESI Center Eastern Europe (European Software Institute – ESI)

In a world where cyber crime is just as possible as crime against the person, it is essential to know how to protect information assets which are valuable resource for all departments in an organization. New technologies do not go unnoticed by cybercriminals and what is more - they are the main tool used in performing targeted and sophisticated attacks.
During the 12th edition of the Conference on Information Security and Storage we will learn what stage the development of the National Cyber Security Strategy has reached, whether there has been established an interagency working group on issues of cyber security which should lay the foundations of a national authority on cybersecurity, and to prepare a draft Decision of the Council of Ministers for its constituting.
We will also learn about the progress in the development of the EU strategy for safe and secure Internet, one of the main points of which is to introduce new legislation that on the one hand will obligate companies and businesses to foster strategies for network systems protection, and the victims of cyber attacks to report them to the authorities on the other.
Unfortunately, most of the companies and organizations perceive their security vulnerabilities only after they have been attacked. The ways this can be changed, the best practices, the measures companies should take and organize ultimate protection of the most valuable asset – information, are just some of the topics that will be discussed during this year's forum.

The conference targets managers and experts related to information security of all segments of the economy:

◊ Information Security Managers
◊ Operational Risk Managers
◊ Risk managers
◊ IT managers
◊ IT auditors
◊ Information security auditors

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