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Technology Modernization of the Agricultural Sector by ICT

August 2014, BATA AGRO EXHIBITION, Stara Zagora Airport

In the partnership of
The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Products, Bulgarian Association of Independent Winegrowers, Bulgarian Grain Growers Association and Bulgarian Association of Fruit Growers

The technological solutions more often enters in the management of the Bulgarian agriculture penetrates in the management of the Bulgarian agriculture. The technologies necessity which helps the agricultural industry will be proved during the biggest agricultural exhibition in the country BATA AGRO 2014. How can optimize the business of the agricultural companies by the appropriate software, what are the opportunities by the operational programs for financing and more concrete by Operational Program “Development the Rural Areas“, are part of the conference accents.

According an Analyze by the Institute for Market Economy of Bulgaria published in December 2013, the revenues from agriculture has fast growth during the last three years and and average for the period of membership of Bulgaria in the European Union are 15% higher than the period 2000-2006. According the analysis in the next program period (2014-2020) Bulgaria will dispose with almost 15 milliard BGN for agriculture – amount almost two times higher than the generated production in the sphere for 2012. The size of the sum probably will seriously influence the agricultural processes both for the next 7 years, as after 2020, because of the important sense the spreading to be based of the serious analyzes and by realizing the effects from each possible decision. 

The agriculture more often attracts the interest of the financial institutions. This is proved from the statistic of the Bulgarian National Bank. According the data of Bulgarian National Bank in the second quarter of 2013, the Agriculture, wood and fish sector is among the most financed. For the period April – June 2013, the capacity of the pointed to the agricultural sector credits rise with 110 million BGN or 8.8%. The agriculture in annual base also is among the sectors which accounts the rising of financing.

The conference will offer the appropriate technological solutions for companies in the sphere of manufacturing, commerce, repair and delivering of  части for agriculture technologies; grain-producers, fruit-dealers, wine-growers, producers and dealers with grains, seedlings, forages, vegetables; stock-breeding, poultry-farming, etc.