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9th National Conference on eHealth


13 February, 2014, Sofia Hotel Balkan 

Under the honorary auspices of:

Health Parliamentary Commission of the 42nd National Assembly

Organizers: ICT Media and “eHealth Bulgaria” Foundation

 In the partnership with: Bulgarian Ministry of Health, Bulgarian Medical Association and Bulgarian Red Cross

Advisory Board of the Conference:
Center for eHealth and Innovation, chaired by Prof. Stojan Denchev, Rector of UniBIT,
Dr. Rostislava Dimitrova- Vice-Chair of the Center for eHealth and Innovation

ICT are the evidence of increasing efficiency in healthcare and ICT Media for the ninth consecutive year will be conducive to discussion and new ideas for improving health services through the implementation of innovative technologies and optimization process efficiency in the healthcare system. Has tracking and reporting of health care providers been improved? Has public access to health services become easier? Has the range of e-services in the field of healthcare grown? These are only some of the issues that will be discussed during the conference at the beginning of 2014.

Conference Objectives:

  • To demonstrate the contribution of digital innovation for the health sector towards achieving the goals of Europe 2020 
  • To identify the key challenges in eHealth implementation and good practices for accessible, sustainable and modern health systems
  • To outline possible scenarios for deployment of electronic health services  in Bulgaria (electronic health records and electronic prescription)
  • To present the opportunities of eHealth and research (patient registries)

Europe 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Europe 2020 Strategy is the leading strategy for the European Union, aiming not simply to overcome the economic crisis and to restore growth, but to do this in a smart, sustainable and inclusive manner. Five key targets were set and seven European flagship initiatives were launched to achieve the Strategy goals. Poverty reduction, social inclusion, education, innovation and employment are all closely interlinked with health. Furthermore, the health sector is an important segment of the economy and the only sector with a positive growth and increasing potential for employment even during the crises years. The Digital Agenda flagship initiative aims at wide scale deployment of digitalization in the EU. Its objective is to address societal challenges such as demographic change and to ensure quick access to electronic health services for citizens. 

Role of the Health Sector and Digitalization for Smart and Inclusive Growth

The main objective of the eHealth Conference this year will be to demonstrate the contribution of the health sector and the potential of the ICT technologies to innovate the processes in the health sector for smart and inclusive growth:

  • Making health data and health services accessible and closer to citizens, regardless of where they live and where they received treatment (Directive 2011/24/EU)- Access through electronic health records,  ePrescription, telehealth services.
  • Improving transparency and effectiveness of the health sector management and supporting health systems to cope more efficiently with the mounting pressure of a growing demand for healthcare by the ageing population combined with limited financial resources and limited human resources in the sector.
  • Enhance the research and innovation  potential in the health sector

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