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Tenth Jubilee edition of the national e-Health conference

„Innovative model for sustainable and modern healthcare“

19 February, 2015, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sredetz Hall

Organizers: ICT Media & “e-Health Bulgaria” Foundation

Under the honorary auspices of
the Bulgarian Healthcare Parliamentary Committee of the 43rd National Assembly

With the support of the
Bulgarian Ministry of Health (tbc),
the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, the Bulgarian National Health Insurance Fund and the Bulgarian Red Cross

2014 was a year of change not only on the Bulgarian political scene but on the European as well. How will the elections for the European Parliament, held at the end of 2014, and the changes in its structure change the health policy in Europe and the members of the EU? How will European citizens' healthcare be supported and developed? What is the role of the Europe 2020 strategy in these changes? What are the financing opportunities in the healthcare sector in the EU countries? These are only some of the questions whose answers we will find during the most significant national e-health conference in Bulgaria! Along with being a EU-wide priority, healthcare will also be discussed as an important national matter during the tenth jubilee edition of the conference.

The spotlights will fall both on the European requirements and priorities in e-health development and on Bulgaria's health strategy and action plan in this area, as well as the related legislation. We will also provide a lot of examples for successful e-healthcare in EU members and will outline the steps we need to make to achieve similar success.

Whom to expect from the event?
• Representatives of public and private healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, laboratories and medical centers – CEOs, GMs, IT managers and CIOs, Medical Managers, Administrative Managers
• Representatives of health-insurance companies and funds – General Managers, Managing Directors, Administrative, Operative, Financial and IT Managers
• Representatives of state structures – political decision-makers, heads of ministry directorates, heads and CEOs of health-insurance funds, social security institutes, MPs

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