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15th Conference on Business Growth through Innovation

„Efficiency and Growth through Information Technologies“

21 May 2015, Grand Hotel Sofia

The Bulgarian economic environment is dynamic and leveraging innovations for business development is indisputably an approach that boosts competitiveness. Flexibility, speed and stability are among the most valuable qualities a business needs to have today. Innovative business managemet systems, how teams operate them, and the way these systems collect, transform, analyze and share data define to a great extent the success of one business. The European Commission approved the new Operational Programme „Innovations and Competitiveness” 2014-2020, and the funds for “Technological Development and Innovations”, Priority Axis 1, amount to 250 million euro (21.24% of the overall budget of the programme), which surely is a serious sign for the development of small and medium enterprises during the new programme period. The conference in 2014 had a new format, including a stronger accent on the discussion part, which will continue into 2015 as well. Another new element in the event is that along with the traditional topics discussed we will take a deeper look into specific business processes from the point of view of the business positions in organizations. Traditionally, the conference is supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA). The audience of the event will include CEOs and general managers, board members, administrative directors, CFOs, commercial directors, CMOs, CIOs, IT specialists, business development managers, consultants, and representatives of the state administration.

How the event was held last year

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