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17th Finance Tech Forum
“Financial business and digitization: sharing a common direction”
23 April, 2015, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia, Bulgaria

Organizer: ICT Media ISACA-Sofia Chapter
Under the aegis of: Bulgarian National Bank, Financial Supervision Commission
With the support of: The Association of Banks in Bulgaria, The Association of Bulgarian Insurance Companies, The Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies 

According to analysts, in 2015, financial institutions will significantly strengthen the use of analytical tools in order to achieve a more personalized approach for targeting and engaging customers. From location-based offers to improved service delivery, organizations will use models, analyzes based on big data, data from social media and other channels of interaction to deliver a personalized experience and banking to customers.

In the era of mobility, topics like security and modern authentication are becoming more and more important. Discussions about cloud implementations are also gaining momentum, driven primarily by the tendency for optimization, efficiency, productivity and cost reduction.

The forum’s target audience is representatives of banks, insurance and pension insurance companies, regulatory authorities, payment operators, financial brokers, consulting firms, leasing companies, associations and government.

In 2014, attendees include C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO, members of managing boards and of boards of directors), CIOs, head of departments, project managers, ICT and security experts, auditors, business analysts, consultants, experts on payment systems.

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