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6th National Conference

“The modern transformation of IT services: cloud, managed services, outsourcing” 

November 17, 2016, Conference Centre Capital Fort

Cloud computing is one of the hottest technologies today. This business model is not only changing the way of providing IT services, which have come a long way from a purely technical outsourcing to cloudsourcing, but it is also an important prerequisite for the development of technologies and business models as analyses based on Big Data, Internet of Things, security, mobility and many others. More and more Big Data systems are provided "as a service" on cloud infrastructure. Data from huge number of end devices and sensors is collected and processed, thanks to cloud computing and analytical methods based on Big Data, which makes possible the use of new, innovative models of business behavior and management. According to experts, the connection between cloud systems, connected devices and Big Data management is essential and if they all are combined in the right way, the result is impressive. What is the progress of IT services, what are the models for their applications, what is the present and the future of the cloud, IoT and Big Data and how businesses can monetize these modern technologies?

The 6th edition of the traditional for the IT industry National Conference on Cloud Technologies, organized by ICT Media, will provide a wide platform for discussions and presentations of good practices on these topics.

Agenda highlights:

  • Technologies that change the business - IT cloud, cloudsourcing, Big Data, Internet of Things
  • Implementing the potential of the cloud - opportunities and challenges
  • Managed services, outsourcing and cloudsourcing
  • How to monetize the new business models: IT services, cloud, IoT Target audience

The forum’s target audience are representatives of industrial and manufacturing enterprises in heavy and light industry, health organizations, government structures and organizations, transportation and logistics companies, telecommunications, commerce and services, financial, insurance and pension insurance companies, banks, universities.

In 2015, the attendees were C-level decision makers (executive directors, CFOs, operations directors), government officials and experts, CIOs, ICT experts, project managers, auditors, consultants.

How the event was held last year