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12th National Conference on e-Education


October 13th, 2016, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia, Bulgaria


ICT Media in collaboration with BAIT, within the project "eSkills for Jobs 2016"

With the kind support of the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria

In the partnership of the Bulgarian Ministry of education and science

Digital technologies are the instrument of the young people, by which they get to know and go through the world. That's exactly why these technologies are apprehended as an innate condition for quality education. ICT are an important part of contemporary society, and electronic education is an inseparable part of the process of rising the quality of education. In order to be part of contemporary society, each citizen has to have digital skills. To achieve this goald, it is important to raise citizens' awareness of the need to improve their skills in using ICT. Good education is the basis of prosperity and competitiveness of each economy and for a consecutive year the European Commission, nongovernmental organizations, the Government and the business will gather to discuss the challenges and opportunities for development of e-education in Bulgaria. Again, special attention will be given to the new technologies and training the young people.

How the event was held last year

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