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15th International InfoSec and Data Storage Conference

The Critical Meaning of InfoSec and Data Storage for the business and administration
September 29, 2016, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia, Bulgaria

Organizers: ICT Media ISACA-Sofia Chapter

Under the honorary aegis of
Rumiana Bachvarova, Deputy Prime Minister for Coalition Policy and Public Administration and Minister of Interior

In the partnership with the State Agency for National Security of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria


The digitalization and technologies continues changing the business, giving the organizations both new opportunities and threats. Cyber crimes continue to escalate – according the Global Economic Crime Survey 2016 of Price Waterhouse Coopers, cyber crimes (with 32%) are rising from 4th to 2nd to date threat for the organizations worldwide. The research involved 6 337 people from 115 countries worldwide, 35 % were representatives of the industrial sector, 24 % of the financial institutions, 14 % of the consumer sector; 7 % of the technological sector, 6 % professional services and 13 % others. According to the results, most of the companies are not yet fully prepared or do not understand sufficiently the risks – proof of this is that only 37 % of the organizations have a reaction plan in cyber incidents. The engagement of the management is critical, but according to the research, less than half of the managers are interested in the state of cyber readiness of their organization. The research also shows that 32 % of the organizations are affected by cyber crimes, 34 % think that they will be affected in the next two years and 61% of the CEOs expressed concern about cyber security. Cyber security is a challenge not only for Bulgaria, but also for the EU and the world, therefore it is among the priorities on national, European and global level. How are information systems, e-communications and data storage of the business and administration safeguarded, what are the current threats and how to counteract, according the national and European strategies and policies, will be discussed during the 15th International Conference on Information Security and Data Storage. The conference is organized by ICT Media and ISACA-Sofia Chapter for the 15-th consecutive year and traditionally is supported by the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defense and the „National security” State Agency. For a second year invitation for patronage will be sent to the Deputy Prime Minister for Coalition Policy and Public Administration and Minister of Interior, Rumiana Bachvarova.

The event targets managers and experts related to information security in all segments of the economy:

  • Directors and Managers 'Information Security'
  • Managers "Risk Management "
  • Managers 'Infrastructure'
  • System architects
  • Security Engineer
  • IT managers
  • IT auditors
  • Information Security Auditors

How the event was held last year

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