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2nd National Forum
“3D Printing - the Forerunner of the 4th Industrial Revolution”
16 March 2017, Capital Fort Conference Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

3D printing industry is developing very fast and the technology offers a variety of business opportunities. There are companies emerging on the market that offer fundamentally new products and services in completely different segments - from home entertainment to construction of buildings. 3D printers are increasingly used in the manufacture of machinery, automobiles, consumer goods as well as tests of details in order to evaluate the physical parameters of the created objects before mass production. Over the past three decades, the industry has collected considerable experience in the use and marketing of 3D technology for printing and scanning.

The wide base and the substantial price decreases have led to the emergence of an increasingly wide range of 3D printing machines. Namely, progress in technology opens the way to new types of business and production lives a true Renaissance.

After the strong interest in the first edition of the National Forum dedicated to 3D printing and 3D scanning in 2016, ICT Media offers once again an innovative environment for discussion between consumers and producers, as well as a demonstration area where you will find the most modern models of 3D printing and scanning machines.

Agenda highlights:

  • 3D printing in the context of the 4thindustrial revolution: analyses, forecasts and trends
  • Additive manufacturing, visualization, medicine – the many faces of 3D printing
  • DEMONSTRATION AREA: 3D printing: Technologies, Techniques, Processes and Models

Target audience

The forum’s target audience are representatives of manufacturing companies: machine building, metalworks, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing of plastic products, manufacturing of aluminium and plastic profiles, packaging, production of tools, manufacturing of mechanical systems; representatives of architectural and design offices, construction companies, the Mint, advertising and design agencies, universities and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Medical Academy and medical research centres, dental laboratories, museums - archaeological, historical, etc., ethnographic houses and others. It is expected that the event will be attended by managers and executive officers, COOs, production managers, creative directors, CIOs, IT experts, project managers, designers, technologists, consultants, architects, engineers, medical professionals, representatives of academia.

How the event was held last year

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