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18th Conference on e-Government


11 May, 2017, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia, Bulgaria

In the partnership with the State e-Government Agency and
National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria

Through e-Government, the administration can provide quality services. In order to implement comprehensive solutions in e-administration, we need the effort of the whole nation involving all the levels of administration and working in full synchrony. The major goal defined at the 2016 edition of the conference was to achieve by 2020 fully computerized administration that should be done in an easy convenient way for the citizens and the business. By 2017 should be achieved the technological prerequisites to implement e-government, the process of e-identification should start, registers should be linked and prioritization be done more transparently.

The e-identification law was passed through Parliament in the middle of 2016, and State Agency “E-government” is already a fact. What are the steps that have to be towards e-government in 2017, what are the priorities and what’s the stage of complete computerization of the administration, we will find out during the 18th edition of the conference on e-Governance.

The target audience of the conference are ministers, deputy ministers, chief secretaries and IT managers of administrative institutions, regional governors, mayors, deputy mayors and municipal chief secretaries, consultants.

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