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13th National Conference on e-Education


26 October, 2017, Sofia Hotel Balkan Sofia, Bulgaria

Organizer: ICT MEDIA

With the kind support of the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria

Statistics show that unemployment in the countries of the EU has decreased by an indicative rate, because people receive new digital skills that make them more competitive and increase employment opportunities in new business areas.

ICT influence various aspects of the educational process, the changes require new organizational structure, creating new student programs and new competences. The development of digital skills in primary, secondary, higher education and colleges, the cooperation between the educational institutions and the business are a small part of the steps towards improving the competitiveness of young people in Bulgaria and providing the much needed employees in the ICT industry. At the beginning of this year it became clear that the total budget of the program "Information and Communication Technologies in the Pre-school and School Education System" for 2017 is by BGN 3 million more than in 2016 or a total of BGN 10,230,000. The funds will be a strong support for providing modern information and communication technologies and introducing innovative training methods in a total of 700 schools and kindergartens.

Today, digital skills are of paramount importance for the development of education, and during the 13th edition of the national e-Education conference we will pay special attention to the development of innovative educational technologies and their role in adapting the education system to the digital generation.

How the event was held last year