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19th Finance Tech Forum

April 27, 2017 Sofia Hotel Balkan Sofia, Bulgaria

Organisers: ICT Media & ISACA-Sofia Chapter

With the Support of:

The Financial Supervision Commission,
the Association of Banks in Bulgaria, the Association of Bulgarian Insurance Companies and the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies

The digital transformation of the financial institutions is a fact, and the remodelled behaviour and expectations of customers as a result of modern digital technologies are among the driving factors for this transition in the financial world. According to analysts however, only one in four banks in EMEA has a comprehensive digital transformation strategy for engaging customers. And although 96% of the Banks have already taken some initiatives in digital transformation, the big question remains: are the Banks ready to change and adapt their business models in order to survive in the transition towards digital economy?

40% have indicated that the digital transformation continues to be a front office initiative designed to improve user experience. Meanwhile, one in five banks has a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and by 2020 one in every two banks will have a CDO or a digital leader that drives the digital transformation of the Bank.

The transition from analogue banks towards digital financial institutions defines the processes in banking today, and technologies like Big Data and analytical platforms, social engineering, card and non-card mobile payments, cybersecurity and digital marketing intend to focus on customers and their user experience. For the 19th consecutive year ICT Media provides effective environment for dialogue between financial institutions and technological companies, directed towards the technology defined future of the financial sector.

Emphases of the programme:

  • Are the financial institutions ready for the digital economy – status, analyses and trends;
  • Regulations, European integration, payment systems;
  • The change in the processes and technologies in the context of digital transformation;
  • Security in process: new threats in the digital world and methods to deal with them;
  • Digital transformation of the front office – how to engage customers;
  • IT, digitalization and innovations – towards efficiency and optimization of financial business;
  • The digital mark on people, roles, models and processes.
  • Discussions: Models of financial institutions’ digitalization; Digitalization and innovations – the road towards the modern bank

Who will attend the conference?

The event targets the representatives of banking and non-banking financial sector: banks, insurance companies, pension insurance companies, regulators, payment operators, financial brokers, microcredit financial companies, including online consulting firms, leasing houses, associations, the government and others. In 2016 the event was attended by senior executives (CEO, COO, CFO, board members), CIOs, heads of departments, project leaders, IT and Security experts, auditors, business analysts, consultants, experts in payment systems.

How the event was held last year

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