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Preliminary agenda
September, 28, 2017

8:30 – 9:00 Registration

9:00 – 10:00 Official Opening

SESSION 1. Cooperation - the Basis for Protection of Critical Data

    • Information Security at European and National Level
    • Legal Framework for the Protection of the Information Environment. Requirements Imposed by the GDRP Regulation
    • High Overall Level of Network and Information Security Through Directive (EU) 2016/1148
    • Collaboration at the Core of the Protected Information Environment - Interaction Between the State, the Business and the Consumer. International Examples

Coffee Break

SESSION 2.1. Cybersecurity - Hunting for Vulnerabilities

    • Cybercrime at Unrecognized Scale by Consumers and Businesses in 2017
    • Building a Cyber Security Strategy Within an Organization and Safeguarding the Business
    • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Combat Fraud
    • How to “Shield” Employees from Social Engineering Attacks
    • Secure Ways of Authentication in the Internet
    • Opportunities and Solutions Providing Protection Against Unauthorized Access
    • Vulnerabilities of the BYOD Method

SESSION 2.2. Security and Data Storage According to the Organization's Needs

    • Control and Security of Mobile Devices
    • Vulnerabilities in Mobile Applications
    • IoT as a Secure Service-Oriented Architecture. Risks of Connected Internet Devices
    • Information Security in Mobile Solutions for Electronic Payments
    • The Modern Data Center or Cloud Data Storage: Is the Challenge of Protecting Information Myth or Reality


SESSION 3.1. Risk Management through Appropriate Technological Measures

    • Risk Management - How to Give Away the Illusions of Riskless Business Environment. Evaluate, Control and Minimize Risk
    • The Risk of Gaps in the Protection of Big Data
    • Practical Aspects in Response to the Requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Information About the Company's Internal Security through Penetration Testing
    • "Hygiene habits" for Protection and Prevention Against Threats. Investment in Technologies or in Specialists Training?

SESSION 3.2. Information security "top" or "stop" factor for Industry 4.0

    • Complex Architecture for Multilayer Protection Against Virus Threats
    • Criptoviruses’ Migration from End Users to Critical Business Infrastructures and Large Corporations
    • Ransomware – Should we Pay or Lose the Information
    • Ddos Attacks in 2017 - Are they Underestimated and a Powerful Weapon Today
    • Protection of Sensitive Information by Botnets Detection
    • Phishing - Damage Rates and Countermeasures

DAY 1 Closing

September, 29, 2017

8:30 – 9:00 Registration

SESSION 1. Security in Contemporary Infrastructure

    • High Level of Access Control by Relevant Technological Systems
    • Looking Behind the Traditional Frameworks of Network Security
    • Data Transffer Networks – How to Deal with Vulnerabilities
    • Infrastructure as a Service - Challenges
    • High Level of Redundency in Data Center

Coffee Break

SESSION 2. Intelligent Information Security

    • Strong Tools and Firewalls against Contemporary Cyber Threats
    • Data Loss Prevention of Critical Business Data (DLP)
    • End Devices Protection Against Cyber Threats
    • Protection the Corporate Cloud Environment as Business Priority
    • Providing Security of Clients’ Information


DISCUSSION: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – How to Meet the Requirements

    • The Requirements of GDPR – Have the Business and the Administration Started to Prepare to Meet the Requirements
    • Analysis of the Level of Protection and Information Security in the Organization and Does it Meet the Requirements of the Regulation
    • The Human Factor – Training of Employees for Rising Their Knowledge to Cover the Requirements
    • Data Privacy Officer (DPO) – a New Position in the Organization or DPO as a Service?
    • Regulatory Requirements to Businesses Operating on an International Level

DAY 2 Closing